Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wall Sculpture Aquabord Painted

A visitor stopped by my studio yesterday while I was acrylic-sealing my sculpture pieces. She enjoyed seeing the “organic forms and surfaces”. Now I’m on to assembling it. These close up shots show some of the great variations Aquabord is capable of. It’s been so fun to experiment and enjoy the results within each sculpture piece. I was a bit surprised at how durable the board is as well. Most of the pieces came out great on the first or second painting pass, but due to the redesign, I ended up repainting one piece 12 times. I’m not proud of needing to do that, but it’s nice to know the board will hold up under such use.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wall Sculpture Ampersand Aquabord Cut!

The intricate shapes and lengths required for this sculpture have definitely hit the limits of my scroll saw. I am now a saw blade connoisseur; it’s all about the teeth per inch. Whew, I’m glad the cutting is done and looks good! When I work larger than this on future sculptures, I will need to hire laser cutting. It’s exciting to see things moving along.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Wall Sculpture Ampersand Aquabord Cutting

There are several very long pieces on this sculpture that require holes within them and intricate cuts. The arm of my scroll saw makes me break at awkward times during my cuts and constantly rotate the piece I am sawing. It could be impossible on those pieces to make the clean cuts I desire. There are dedicated saws available for this that protrude vertically from tables, but I like the safety of this saw… and I already own it. Time to get at the harder cuts.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Wall Sculpture New Improved Ampersand Aquabord

The 1/4 inch thick Ampersand Aquabord that I special ordered for this larger sculpture is thicker by 1/8 inch than the original, smaller version. You can see how beautifully the sample cut. I think I like it even better than the 1/8”. It’ll make a visually stronger edge and give added strength for the longer spans. The test sample of Aquabord’s newly formulated surface took the paint similar to the product I used on the first sculpture. Today I transferred shapes onto the boards for cutting and I hope to get the cutting done this week. This sculpture will be 51” x 36”.