Monday, November 22, 2010

Maynard Dixon

I love going to a new part of the country to paint, because it recharges my creativity. This painting, "Western Mesa", was done in Mt. Carmel, UT, near where I was staying at Maynard Dixon’s historic studio/home in very early spring. I was allowed to stay on the property for several days, absorbing the work and landscapes that inspired Dixon, Milford Zornes, Ansel Adams, Emil Kosa, and Dorothea Lang and be in the studio they worked in. It was a fantastic experience. I returned there this summer during their annual Maynard Dixon Country show… more about that later.


Tricia Butler said...

Beautiful colors. I love the bluish shadows against the siennas/oranges of the distant hills. Makes me want to be there!
Tricia Butler

Cindy Debold said...

Absolutely beautiful!
Cindy Debold