Saturday, January 15, 2011

Plein Air- VS -Digital SLR Camera

One of the things I love about painting on location is the way it can present a prolonged moment of time. I’m particularly proud of this painting. It was a day to race the coming raindrops and changing scenery. Clouds in the sky were building to a storm and changing in shape and placement. The sky and water flipped vast areas of color, changing from deep greens and blues, to pinks and purples and pale orange. Almost done painting, raindrops began and I retreated to shelter.

Ever come back from a vacation or a lovely sunset and been disappointed in your photos? There’s nothing like the naked eye. A studio visitor saw my reference photo I took at this painting’s site laying near the painting. Some times things really come together on location and this was one of them. Amazed, she said it was like I made up the painting. I use photos as a backup piece of the information, but as you can see, the real guts of the work happen on site. The painting is closer to seeing with these remarkable eyes we have been given. I have a very nice digital SLR, but it’s really not able to deliver the experience of deep and thoughtful painting on location.

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Mitzi Easley said...

really beautiful painting Terri!