Monday, February 14, 2011

Plein Air Easel- En Plein Air Pro

I won this easel as part of my Excellence Award from Nomadas del Arte, a national plein air show. The En Plein Air Pro was great to take on the plane as it was light and compact. Anticipating one session of painting on the trip, minimal gear was my goal… not even an umbrella. The best view at the beach was low to the ground, so I sat in the sand….less than optimal for keeping the gear free of grit. I did blend in with the surroundings well, creating more anonymity than the usual standing with umbrella above the easel.

A reader asked me what easel I use to paint on location. I definitely have my favorite, but sometimes packing for plane travel, wind speeds on location, the need for a light pack or support for a large painting panel, and the demand for shade dictate particular set ups. Very seldom do I sit while painting… it restricts my movement and slows my thoughts. I’ll share a few set up picks over the next few posts.

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