Wednesday, June 1, 2011

“Compositional Anarchy” A confession of a periodically willful painter.

It was like pitting a heavy weight champion against a fly -weight. Intentionally ignoring years of training and practice, I placed the strong, large, dominant form of the building squarely in the middle and passively modeled it. I then proceeded to use complementary colors attempting to direct the eye from the red kite in the blue sky to the figures on the grassy knoll. The diagonal across the entire lower portion of the composition did not help the ailing painting. There was little fight. The laws of composition were not to be overcome by mere trickery.

For artists: A great book: “Payne on Composition” can bought at DeRus gallery of Laguna Beach, CA.

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suzannepaints said...

Hi, i believe you have overcome! Beautiful. It works for me!