Thursday, June 30, 2011

Maynard Dixon Residency #2

I painted from this location several times during my residency. The coral pink sand is amazing and I love the movement in the dunes. Of course, sand moves with the wind …. Yes, it was a somewhat challenging location, but as usual, photos don’t do it justice so I’m glad I have my paintings!

The midday light in northern Arizona and southern Utah is fascinating. Some days it turns a grey and dried twig into a fluorescent bluish grey. As if a black light was turned on, a tan leaf becomes glowing and alive and every already colorful stone turns jewel-like. The air is alive with breathable color and you stand within it in the powerful landscape of the west just drinking it in. Of course, it would affect a painting done in that light the same way, as in never to be viewed in the same light again, so I plan to do studio work based on what I observed.

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Tricia Butler said...

Love the colors & atmosphere! Nice painting!