Monday, December 6, 2010

Wall Sculpture Ampersand Bord

One of the materials I've been experimenting with for my wall sculpture isAmpersand Aquabord, and I’m really impressed. It is a thoroughly archival masonite board with a clay coat that accepts watercolor.

There are many attractions to use Aquabord for this particular wall sculpture. With an acrylic spray varnish over the watercolor, it is safe to be hung without glass, it can be cut into shapes, and most importantly, I think I will be able to transfer the feel of the original concept with it.

I thought it would be fun to offer these three unframed paintings on Aquabord for sale, priced for a little holiday cheer. They are all 3" x 5" and require no glass or frame. The two "Night Time Burn" paintings are inspired by a series I'm working on for the Hill Country Conservancy. Paintings are $50, plus tax and shipping. Email me at and I will send an invoice with paypal button. Top painting, "Night Burn II", middle painting, "Along the Stream", bottom painting, "Night Burn I".

For artists: If you paint watercolor wet in wet, you’ll love this product. It’s extremely responsive to the brush and far more forgiving than any watercolor paper. The possibility of repainting a board actually exists with some labor. Tips on their website are a must- read and the company responds to questions.

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