Thursday, March 3, 2011

“Creek Dreams” and Plein Air Easels- Artwork Essential EasyL

Hiking out of this canyon, I blew out my old hiking boots like a set of well-worn tires. I wondered why my legs felt so funny, but painting buddy, Jill Carver, and I kept trudging upwards and I never knew till I took off the boots in the parking lot. I love these colors in winter when the leaves are off the Sycamores. This 15” x 22” watercolor is titled, “Creek Dreams”. Jill’s work can be seen at at Wally Workman and InSight Gallery.

**Note for Artists. Artwork Essentials’ EasyL manufactures some of my favorite plein air easels. I own two different sizes. The Versa, shown here, is their largest easel and is great for large panels and windy conditions. Having your easel dump over fully loaded not only messes up the painting and gear, but can break an expensive piece of equipment. This is my steadiest set-up. A large palette will fit inside the Versa beautifully. Their smaller box, the Lite, lives up to its name when needing to pack smaller and lighter for longer hikes. I love their umbrella as well!

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