Sunday, March 13, 2011

“A Trickle of Water” and Plein Air Easel- Classic Julian French

“A Trickle of Water” was painted on a ranch full of pinkish granite crushed by the creek and standing in boulders and mounds. The water at times can pick up almost tropical colors there in the late afternoon. One time at this ranch I was so engrossed in my painting that I neglected to notice a large rattlesnake coiled a few steps away under a bush. Early spring is a forgiving time for people focusing on other things. He was still cold and sleepy, so I finished my last bit of the painting and packed up.

The classic Julian French easel. You ask if anyone still uses these heavy weights synonymous with the artists’ authentic look when on location. I treasured mine till it finally gasped its last breath and became a wobbling, unsteady disaster. Heavy and hanging from the hand while on a long hike, it can create a sore wrist and unsteady strokes when you arrive on location. Painting next to your car, it provides a very sturdy and luxurious painting experience. Large umbrellas can be used. Extra storage and palette surface are available. **Artists beware… not all French easels are created equal.

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