Monday, March 28, 2011

2011 Art and Conservation: Our Hidden Treasures 3rd Biennial – Post #2

April’s purple verbena and yellow daisy-like flowers contrasted against the burnt wood. This small painting, “After The Burn III” at the end of my day is the most abstract from the series for the show. I love the freedom in this painting that was breed from hours of viewing and experiencing the site. My setup was unusually luxurious for plein air. It was almost like a studio with my Explorer’s hatch open to extra gear, supplies at my side, and the preserve’s remote tranquility full of life urging me on to creativity.
Exciting news! I am honored to be featured along with Davidson Nature Preserve on Cibolo Nature Center’s website as well as the monthly magazine “Explore”. Click here to read Cibolo’s website article.

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