Friday, April 8, 2011

2011 Art and Conservation: Our Hidden Treasures 3rd Biennial Post #5

Last night’s private reception for the Art and Conservation show brought a special treat. Lou Smith introduced himself after viewing my painting “Enchanted From Afar”, a painting of Enchanted Rock and the approaching valley. Lou’s dad and grandfather were ranch managers on Moss Ranch, the original ranch that became Enchanted Rock SNA. What an honor to have Lou tell me how this painting really captured what was so dear to his family, the memories he has of the place and stories he heard over the years. He mentioned an out of print book in the Boerne library titled Mr. Polo, that is a biography of his father, Cecil Smith. I just love this kind of history and hope to get a chance to read it some day.

The 5 paintings posted on the most recent four posts are for sale now.

For sale through Cibolo Nature Center:

“Enchanted From Afar” 15 “ x 20” wc and ink $2000 framed

“After the Burn”11” x 11” wc and ink $800 framed

contact Cibolo Nature Center contact Kate email

more info about the show Click Here

For sale through my blog, contact email is

“After the Burn II” 8” x 8” wc and ink $300 unframed

“After the Burn III” 8” x 8” wc and ink$300 unframed

“Fall Grasses” 11” x 15” wc and ink$900 unframed

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