Monday, July 18, 2011

Maynard Dixon Residency #5

Paria Canyon in southern Utah is worth the half hour, bone jarring, dust covered drive from the highway. Movies were filmed back in there and you can see why. As you turn yourself around in a circle, the rocks vary in color dramatically. One location for filming could easily look like many on the screen. This watercolor was painted at a turn in the road while things were quiet in the morning. Remote as it was, a caravan of ATVs arrived as I was nearly finished. 30 of them slowly and kindly drove past me with many of them apologizing for the cloud of dust. I was glad to have gotten much of what I had hoped to paint on the paper as the procession slowly moved along.

Some of you have asked me about the annual Maynard Dixon Country show that I attended last year in UT. It is a fantastic way to see museum quality art that will most likely never be seen again in public. Some of the very best artists of our time bring their work to this show and you get to view it in a lovely gallery situation. Yes, no red velvet ropes or museum guards lurking. A lot of the big names in landscape painting are there to talk with during the opening. It’s a heady experience for an art lover… and the weather is great that time of year.

I like Glenn Dean’s paintings for this year’s show. Click Here
More MDC show info: Click Here

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